Kangwon Land's wellness facilities offer quiet retreat

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JEONGSEON, Gangwon Province -- Nestled in the pristine landscape of Gangwon Province, Kangwon Land is an enticing oasis for those seeking an adventure-filled escape from city life.

Set in the rugged mountains and lush valleys and offering a plethora of recreational activities, the resort is an unforgettable experience.

Established in 1998 with the objective of repurposing abandoned mines into family-friendly entertainment hubs, Kangwon Land is a large-scale integrated resort with a casino, a golf course, a ski lodge and a theme park. During the pandemic, Kangwon Land decided to place greater focus on its wellness and detox therapy facilities.

High Healing1

Situated in the lush forests of Yeongwol, an hour's drive from Kangwon Land's Hi1 Resort, High Healing1 opened as a wellness center in November 2019 under Kangwon Land's Forest Healing Foundation.

Since its opening, an average of 38,000 visitors per year have visited the center, seeking healing even during the pandemic.

Occupying an area of more than 191,000 square meters, the facility encompasses five distinct zones, each designed to foster a connection with the forest. These zones include a space for healing programs, accommodation, forests, ponds and other open spaces harmoniously interwoven with the natural surroundings. Overnight stay is optional for the visitors.

A distinguishing aspect of High Healing1 is its comprehensive program, which offers a blend of both complementary and paid experiences. The free programs extend support to socially vulnerable groups and leisure enthusiasts, while the paid programs generate revenue for reinvestment into the facility.

What sets the facility apart is its team of experts, comprising forest, music and art therapists.

The programs are broadly categorized into four segments: behavioral addiction detox, forest education, forest healing and general healing.

Wood Burning is a popular program, which entails etching intricate designs or text onto a wooden cutting board using an iron, for a meditative experience.

Other popular programs include Starlight Emission, which involves taking photos of stars with smartphones, and Healing Tool Therapy, a muscle-relaxation session using special tools.

Reservations are accepted via phone and on the resort’s official website.